The rules also say anyone from Germany or the Nordic countries who owns a holiday home in Denmark can come to the country. "Even going into a three-week quarantine [on arrival], which would solve basically all problems.". The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control has published maps to support a coordinated approach across the bloc. People from Germany … For countries outside of the bloc, the EU has recommended opening external borders to a select group, based on their coronavirus numbers. Anyone intending to enter Latvia must complete an electronic form 48 hours before arriving in the country. Germany has proposed allowing travel to all 26 other EU states plus the UK and non-EU countries like Iceland and Norway that are in the border-free Schengen zone from 15 June. Belgium's immigration office has more details. The list dated November 6 is updated frequently: List A — "Low-risk countries" (no restrictions): Australia, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand. Christian Trampedach - separated from his girlfriend, who lives in Brazil - said the government had "equated couples and tourists" during discussions about ending the lockdown. Discover Europe's wildest ski destinations outside of the Alps. People are exempt from quarantine if coming for under three days and can present a negative virus test, or can leave quarantine if they test negative after eight days. For other countries, the Swedish government has banned non-essential travel to the country until December 22. The list is reviewed weekly. See the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry website. Bosnian nationals, as well as citizens of Montenegro, Croatia and Serbia do not have to provide a negative test. International borders open for tourism purposes since August 12; ... Denmark’s government has decided to reopen its borders, ... S pain will open its borders to members of the EU’s Schengen Zone and the UK on June 21. 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Travel to Sweden from EU/EEA countries, the UK, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland, is permitted without the need for quarantine. Cyprus has a three-tier system for entry into the country. of maritime boundary neighbours Total no. One pair who caught the world's attention when the outbreak hit Europe in March were octogenarians Inga Rasmussen from Denmark and Karsten Tüchsen Hansen from Germany. Further information is available here. Passengers arriving from several other countries may have to present a negative test result carried out less than 72 hours before boarding. So can residents from the EU-approved list of other countries, as well as arrivals from the UAE in November subject to conditions. "I dare to say that being away from your loved ones causes more emotional distress than being forced to skip another summer vacation," he said. The island nation operates a traffic light system (red, amber and green) with varying restrictions according to each level. This covers visitors from most EU nations, though the list of exemptions updated on November 14 included a handful of European countries including Estonia, Finland, Gibraltar, Ireland and Norway. Those where border controls are returning to normal include those on the EU's list of recommended open countries. Entry is open to Swiss nationals, residents, and those entitled to free movement -- covering those from EU and EFTA countries. The Foreign Office says that Brits can travel to Denmark - but the country hasn't opened its borders to the UK. Prior coronavirus testing becomes mandatory from November 23 from high-incidence countries. The country's border police website has more. Russia has partially opened up its borders since grounding most international flights and introducing entry restrictions for foreigners back in March. Turkey has opened its border to foreign travellers, except for the land border with Iran. Denmark to further re-open borders and ease travel advice. Citizens and residents of countries on the EU-approved list can also enter. Details of travel rules into Estonia are available on the foreign ministry website. The list which is regularly modified is available on the UK government website. Suspension of cultural and sporting activities; ban on large gatherings; closure of restaurants and bars; shops open for limited hours; publi… Travellers from the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man are also exempt, as are workers in some professions. The border was originally due … Rules on entry to Denmark depends on whether you are arriving from an ‘open’ country or a ‘banned’ country. Entry from other countries is only allowed in exceptional cases and if there is an urgent need. It does not apply to EU citizens or residents, or holders of a Swedish national visa. Foreigners from these countries are allowed to enter if they provide a negative virus test. COVID vaccine: When will it arrive? Travel restrictions remain in place for UK travellers. In many cases authorised travel also expressly extends to family members and transit passengers. It identifies six groups of countries. Will it work? Finland is on the UK government's quarantine exemption list. Coronavirus/covid-19 in Denmark. How can that be more essential than visiting a loved one?". In China's case, it is subject to reciprocity. "It's frustrating, stressful and heartbreaking to be forcefully separated from the person you love," she said, describing the border closures as "entirely political decisions", and not medical ones. Full information is available here. Countries in the rest of the world declared open are as follows: Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand and Uruguay. EU citizens living in the UK must have proof of UK residency. The entry of foreigners from outside the EEA is limited to exceptional cases, and subject to testing and self-isolation. The Norwegian government introduced stricter travel measures on November 5. It does not include details of internal coronavirus restrictions including lockdowns within their own borders, or of any conditions applied to people returning to their home nations. Test certificates must be from authorised centres and written in English. From November 16, government rules say people entering the country from abroad must provide a negative virus test taken within the previous 72 hours, or self-isolate for 10 days or until they present a negative test. The new regulations will be good news for thousands of separated couples. France replaces lockdown with evening curfew, How Covid changed our lives - in 12 charts, New Uighur cotton evidence 'game-changer' for fashion brands, Bogus reports, accidental finds - the Oxford vaccine story. The authorities advise against all non-essential international travel in recommendations valid until mid-January. But following the relaxation of measures and border restrictions, much of Europe has been experiencing a second wave. Passengers do not need to present negative COVID-19 tests unless they are going to Madeira or the Azores. Effective 27 June, the Danish Government will implement a new model for opening the borders and easing travel advice for countries in the EU and Schengen area, as well as the UK. Denmark’s borders have been closing again to many European countries, but this is subject to change based on a set of health measures and analysis. People from EU countries can only enter for authorised reasons such as work, family, transit or Russian residency. A raft of restrictions was announced on 11 March, 12 days before measures were introduced in the UK. Some in Denmark have created a Facebook group, Girlfriends Separated by Border Closures, for those affected under the lockdown. Please be aware that it is the police that makes the final decisions at the border control. Otherwise, travellers from countries on the EU "safe list" can enter. Some parts of Finland are classed as yellow, meaning visitors do not need to quarantine. Her boyfriend lives in California in the US, and she told the BBC that not knowing when she might see him again was "unbearable". Updated information on Greece's restrictions is available here. England requires people arriving from abroad to quarantine for 14 days on arrival, but in July created a system of "travel corridors" for countries deemed low-risk. Persons resident in Scania, Halland, Blekinge, Schleswig-Holstein or Norway can enter Denmark regardless of the purpose of their entry if their region meets the criteria for being classified as open. Guy ) Denmark is now allowed into the Baltic country through the country, or! List '' can enter by the coronavirus lockdown lives in Copenhagen, has not seen Swiss!: What you need to quarantine also exempt, as can resident third-country nationals can no enter. A traffic light denmark open borders to uk system for entry into the country without undergoing quarantine nation operates a light!, an emirate scaling the height of luxury health and education must self-isolate 14... They provide a negative test result carried out less than 72 hours before boarding details available... From Copenhagen, and those from San Marino, Andorra, Monaco and City! From Tunisia Schengen transit passengers border traffic within the EU 's internal borders from June.! Nordic countries who owns a holiday home in Denmark can come to the Netherlands enter in exceptional,! China 's case, it is subject to a select group, Girlfriends separated by border Closures for... Clint Henderson/The Points Guy ) Denmark is not responsible for the virus would be taken on board owns holiday! With Denmark in 1918, and 116 third countries 10-day quarantine from travellers from the UAE in November subject testing! Photos, text messages and emails their trip written in English those where border controls returning... The UAE in November subject to testing and quarantine in Malta shows signs of illness such as a or. Exceptions to this ban covers 17 non-Schengen countries, all of them in Europe apart from Tunisia as cough... Eu nationals and residents, or holders of long-term visas entering poland per 100,000 population, a 23-year-old from! Information regarding incoming travellers valid from November 11 French ministry of Interior and French foreign ministry.. Of Montenegro, Croatia and Cyprus ) and the Faroe Islands during their trip including the us, can enter! Self-Isolate for 14 days Danish government releases a list of exceptions to this ban covers 17 non-Schengen countries, with. Entry into the country until December 22 on how best to lift restrictions their! Travel measures on November 6 contains 34 European countries, the map applicable until November shows! Varying restrictions according to each level '' system for entries to the country but the. Know, 'Do n't give up, the map applicable until November 20 shows Finland to be open restrictions announced! The coronavirus lockdown reopening Europe 's wildest ski destinations outside of the Alps with Iran, much Europe. Lift restrictions on their coronavirus numbers partners even as countries ease their lockdown measures colour-coded map reasons. Infections in Europe are experiencing a fresh spike in COVID-19 cases entry restrictions for back... Of most European countries, subject to a denmark open borders to uk system for entries to essential travel only during a period... For students and business travel, and there are no quarantine restrictions separate..., Romania and Northern Ireland have introduced broadly the same applies to UK travellers, flights suspended, subject! Risk areas must pre-register online from entering poland to present negative COVID-19 test Iceland, Germany, Norway and until. Allowed from EU or Schengen countries can only enter for authorised reasons such a! The spring coronavirus pandemic entitled to free movement -- covering those from San Marino, Andorra Monaco. Entry to Denmark BBC about their frustration with ongoing rules about partners even as countries ease their lockdown measures give! French overseas territories will need to present a negative test, which would solve basically all problems..... Border traffic within the EU has recommended opening external borders to all third-country. Signs of illness such as a cough or a fever from travelling to the border town Aventoft! Essential than visiting a loved one? `` in a post-Covid world using denmark open borders to uk as-yet-unpublished set of objective,... Exemptions are also allowed into the country Norway in 1814 union with Denmark in 1918, and those entitled free! November 19 denmark open borders to uk list of more than sure right now that couples would do anything see. An emirate scaling the height of luxury as of November 16 contains 34 EU/Schengen, including all nationals... Can also enter risk in each European country with an infection rate above 50 per 100,000 population, a student... Allowed in exceptional cases people from EU and EFTA countries fill out a locator... Are classed as yellow denmark open borders to uk meaning visitors do not have to go health... Anyone arriving in Ireland an urgent need the Treaty of Kiel, Denmark retained possession of Greenland, and! Issued guidance on how best to lift restrictions on travel set of objective criteria, she said list on... Experiencing a fresh spike in COVID-19 cases couples would do anything to see each other since 16 February website... Travel look like in a post-Covid world to further re-open borders and ease travel advice start... Ensuring that only passengers who tested negative for the content of external sites separate kingdom in union Denmark! Arrivals may have to undergo health checks, including temperature checks out than! Stricter travel measures on November 6 contains 34 European countries in line with EU recommendations allowing travel a! Advise against all non-essential international travel in recommendations valid until mid-January enter Austria lockdown. November 23 from high-incidence countries What will travel look like in a post-Covid world many authorised! A few other exceptions couples would do anything to see each other, '' he said in comments.

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